Luca Rösch (*1992) is an architect born in Basel. He completed his diploma (MSc Arch ETH) in 2019 with Prof. Jan de Vylder at ETH Zurich. He was able to pursue his interest in collective working and living, as well as experimental craftsmanship 2019-2021 at the artist residency of the Swiss Werkbund "SWB Experimenthaus" in the listed settlement Neubühl in Zurich. With new forms of collaboration and an experimental project development, he is also engaged at the collective la-clique, where he was particularly involved in the in-situ development of the scenography for the exhibition "Do Not Carry Your Flag Too Low" (Archizoom, EPF Lausanne). Between 2020 and 2023, he furthermore worked as an architect at Clou Architekt:innen in Zurich, where, in addition to the project management of two apartment buildings, he developed several competitions in different scales. Since 2023, he is working independently on a renovation project in Lausanne.